Zamami Island

The Kerama islands designated as a national park, is about 40km west of Naha, Okinawa. There are many uninhabited islands around Zamami Village, surrounded by crystal clear waters teeming with colorful fishes and corals. Sea turtles can be seen throughout the year, while humpback whales return every winter.


SUP refers to the sport of Standup Paddle Board. The thick, longboard provides a high level of stability and can be enjoyed by anyone.

It’s like going on an aquatic stroll over the crystalline water while watching colorful coral and fishes (maybe a chance to catch a glimpse of sea turtles!). We select the best destination based on the day’s sea condition and wind direction for the best possible experience.



Out of 365 days out of the year, there will be days with good and bad conditions. By putting ourselves in nature, we realize that people are also a part of nature, and the best way to experience is through the sea. By conditioning through exercise, we hope to add a little excitement to your daily routine.


Although all meals can nourish the body and satisfy hunger at the same time, we selectively use food products with eco-friendly growth process to decrease our burden on the environment.

1. GOODDAY Course

Course that includes the popular SUP (Standup Paddle Board), snorkeling, and nutritious lunch for a happy body. Recommended for wants to leisurely enjoy the “Kerama Blue.”

2. STANDARD Course

Includes SUP (Standup Paddle Board) and snorkeling. Recommended for those who want to have fun in half a day and a chance to meet sea turtles and Nemo ♪

3. SUNSET Course

A relaxing SUP (Standup Paddle Board) tour while enjoying the soothing sea breeze and the clear sea. The changing color of the sky provides a perfect end to a wonderful day.

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